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I will not set fire to myself

to keep you warm

14 January 1992
three little girls in the meadow.
This is a Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, Legend of Korra/Avatar: The Last Airbender, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy friendly blog. There are loads of other fandoms I like but may not be super into enough to post about. I love new friends, and love keeping up with them. If you want to add me, go to my friends only post, and take a look at my intro if you kinda want to get a feel for me. Relevant links above. Currently adding.

adam winchester, alec, andy gallagher, arizona/callie, ash, ben/alec, ben/max/alec, bobby singer, bobby/ellen, criminal minds, dark angel, dean/adam, dean/puck, dean/sam, dean/sam/adam, ellen harveille, fanfiction, finn/quinn/rachel, girl!bobby/ellen, glee, graphics, grey's anatomy, jim kirk, jim kirk/kurt hummel, jogging, kirk/bones, kirk/chekov/bones ot3, kirk/gaila, kurt hummel, leonard "bones" mccoy, max/alec, meredith/christina, meredith/lexie, ncis, nu!trek, pavel chekov, quinn/rachel, reading, spn/glee crossovers, star trek, supernatural, top!dean, trek/glee crossovers, walking, will/finn, wincest, writing, x5-493